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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Hackontest: the right time for the Cairo backend?

Well, there have been many OSS projects which have recovered from a 'dead' codebase, such as cinerella. 
Personally I believe that the best way to go forward would be to fork the current codebase to a really open repository such as sourceforge.net. Then there may be a chance that other developers will pick up. (I might as well, even though I am currently hard pressed with other projects). Since the code has been released as GPL this should be no problem legally, I believe. Xara may have different views on this, by the way.
The first cut at this has been provided by Carl Worth (maintainer of Cairo) and you could start by checking this code out and committing it to sourceforge. See the maillist http://www.xaraxtreme.org/maillists/archive/dev/dev_022007/msg00098.html for details.
He has also suggested that he would be very willing to help, so you might check if he's still interested.
For documentation purposes, you can always refer to the xaraxtreme.org site, which has pretty good documentation on anything apart from cdraw.


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Agree with you Sandro,
For sure, XaraLx is not "complete", but what a tool ! I use it often,
and it work, even if that's not the exact copy of the Windows version
(not all of the functions).
If i was good enough to help for this project, i enjoy to help.
Unfortunatly, i'm not good enough for this.

Xavier - France

Sandro Sigala a écrit :
>> Forget about Xara. Xara is dead, dead, dead.
> Wow, what a pessimistic point of view.  XaraLX is a very nice piece of
> software, shame that the OSS developers didn't join (yet) the
> development.
> I don't understand where are you planning to go with your
> non-constructive
> approach.
> Regards,
> Sandro


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