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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

Charles Moir wrote:
This is another thing that depends on whether you are using a static build or a dynamic build. If you are expecting a build to work without an installer, installing libstdc++ v6 on a system without it is going to be a pain. Even newer systems have v5 on (i.e. even if they use v6 internally).

No they do not. Ubuntu does not ship with v5 and does ship with v6
(which is why presently XaraLX does not work out of the box on Ubuntu -
and no error message to tell users why - for reasons as described in our
previous conversation about the user friendliness of Linux desktop).

Bang goes that theory.

So the argument that v5 provides the widest compatibility is patently
not the case.  We're not even compatible with one of, perhaps the most
popular Linux distribution.

So what currently popular distros do not ship with v6?

I think old distributions don't. Debian is normally the most behind-
the-times (or "away from the bleeding edge" if you prefer)
due to its release cycle. I haven't got a sarge box to
try it on.

We have to ship a binary that will work on older OSX versions. At least
10.3, perhaps 10.2 or earlier if we can, and that goes back to v3
compilers does it not?

I think wxWidgets itself may have some pretty tight OS-X dependencies
if not in toto, then for some of the bits we are using. I can't
remember exactly what the issue was but I think it was something
pretty fundamental.