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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

Charles Moir wrote:

So what currently popular distros do not ship with v6?

My Red hat Fedora Core 4 doesn't appear to have libstdc++ 5.

Does anyone know what happens on the Mac. It's unlikely to have
dependency problems like Linux, so how does it handle this?  Phil has
said it uses v6 (and GCC version 4 compilers) but this hasn't always
been the case. What happens on older versions of OSX?

We have to ship a binary that will work on older OSX versions. At least
10.3, perhaps 10.2 or earlier if we can, and that goes back to v3
compilers does it not?
I think that if you target older versions of OSX you do indeed have to use older compilers and thus older versions of libstdc++. Note that Universal binaries can be built so that i386 code is compiled with gcc4, targetting OSX 10.4 and ppc code is compiled using gcc3 for older versions of OSX. Neat. wxWidgets does this and targets OSX 10.3 for it's PPC build.