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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling

Neil Howe wrote:

Currently the galleries in Xara LX are stealing events that should be processed by the main window. Eg. Using the layer gallery (docked or undocked), click somewhere in the layer gallery window and then hit a function key to try and switch tools. Nothing happens. Or use the arrow keys to nudge your selected object. Again, nothing happens.

I believe focus handling took a long time to get right in the Windows version originally (and in fact it’s not perfect today). Presumably the correct behaviour is that the window with focus should process all events that are meaningful to it and pass all others on. So if the layer gallery for example doesn’t do anything with function key events (as it shouldn’t) it should pass them on so that tool selection still works.

Using this model we should end up with something better than the Windows version. Eg. Right now if you try and use the arrow keys to move up and down the font list in the Xtreme font gallery, nothing happens in the gallery and your selected object gets moved! In this case the font gallery should process the up/down arrow events itself if it has focus.

The fact the new galleries aren’t working in this way in LX implies that we’re not getting this ‘pass on unused events’ behaviour by default. All non-modal windows should work this way, so do we need to do some work at the framework level to make it happen? Or is this something that needs to be implemented on a window by window basis?


Neil \ all,

As I've said before issues like this will happen as more control types are added which I haven't add handling for. Just by adding this handling I've got the keyboard handling to work in this case.