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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling

> The point re return seems to be controversial with Charles 
> (though I agree).

Hang on. What you're saying is that I enter a new value size value in
the Selector InfoBar, for example, press Return and *nothing* should

That's not going to work is it.

> Areas which are not (it seems) covered in the above (because 
> I don't think we've reached consensus):
> * Should modeless dialogs LOOK different from modal-ones, to indicate
>   that they are different beasts - suggestion: thin title 
> bars - galleries should have these anyway.

Yes I agree that's a good idea. Additionally it helps users know which
dialogs are dockable and which are not.

> * We have not defined exactly when a non-modal dialog gets focus (as
>   opposed to controls within it). In point 7 you refer to "clicking".
>   Obviously if you click within a wxTextControl the dialog gets focus.
>   It is not evident whether clicking on the title-bar or a different
>   control gets the dialog focus (in which case unhandled keys would
>   be passed down) or whether those do not give it focus (in which case
>   keys go to the current view). The difference is in the processing
>   of ALT-F4, CTRL-W and RETURN. Do these go to the document or to
>   the dialog? If clicking the title bar does not give focus to the
>   window, then how do such dialogs ever get focus to process these
>   keys?

Well Phil's rules say that once it's done it's job it hand focus back
and so clicking and dragging a window could be regarded as completing
it's job (being moved), so it should hand focus back afterwards.

I can't see why it's an issue even for dialogs that do not have editable
fields. Why would you want to give it focus even, or rather why would
you want Alt-F4 to close the window ever (if it doesn't have focus, it
hardly makes sense to first click on it and then press Alt-F4, when you
could just click directly on the close box. Return would have no purpose
because there's nothing to commit. Esc ditto - it would have no meaning
on a dialog that has not had any edit just done to it (there's no
operation pending to cancel).

> * Do we need ALT-F4, CTRL-W and RETURN handling in non-modal dialogs
>   (per se) at all?

Oh yes close Windows short cuts are useful and standard. So that Alt-F4
should close the dialog, irrespective of whether it's modal or modeless.

> Or should non-modal dialogs ALWAYS act when the
>   field is committed, and not have a concept of dialog state, in which
>   case RETURN (at least) is useless.

Don't understand that. Return does the commit. See above.