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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Making 'persistent' changes to dialog templates

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Alex Bligh wrote:

Luke Hart wrote:

The converted templates for the my export pages don't have the right sizes for some of the controls. How do I make the changes so they won't be lost next time you conversion scripts are called?

Tell me which they are and I will figure out why the converter is
going wrong. We are still (sadly) at too early a stage to have
people hand editing them. Today alone I have made two global
changes (fixing radio groups which were totally broken in
conversion when there was more than one radio group in
a dialog, and fixing the label entry).

If you really need to peel a dialog off, the way is to rename
the .xrc file (it's that simple) and the converter will not
overwrite it. But it won't benefit from further conversion fixes,
and the way things are right now, I would guess it's going to
need to!



I'm finding the descenders of the static text entries in all of the export dialog pages are cropped off, also on my laptop the ends of the anti-aliasing options in the 'bitmap size' page are clipped. You can bring up the export dialog by pressing ctrl-shift-e (or via the file menu), and the tabbed dialog is displayed after you enter a file name. The dialog templates are stored in bmapprev.xrc.

I was actually thinking that the best way of fixing the problem was to actually convert the dialogs to use sizers, since they aren'y very complicated.


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