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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling


Er no they don't you can click on any layer and it highlights, but only
when you click on the check box "a type of use this" button does
anything happen. Actually that's not true changing the layer changes the
current layer, but doesn't really change the document in any way.

That's what I meant.

I think this is now off topic.

Yes :-) I think I've summarised where we got to (which I think is
your position) in my email to Phil.

You can't currently select a particular colour in the
gallery, select object A in the doc, hit apply, select object
B, hit apply, etc. etc. because selecting the object changes
the gallery selection.

Yes, and that's the exact behaviour the Align gallery does allow. I
agree the colour gallery behaviour seems random. Never used it myself,
ever. But this is off topic I think.

True. The reason why I brought it up though is that if we are making
all non-modal dialogs perform more like galleries, it would be good
if they had a consistent approach to data, selection, and committing.
You said users have difficulty understanding things sometime, and
inconsistency makes things harder.

I agree though that it has nothing much to do with keyboard focus,
now we have decided that slightly different selection modals are not
an excuse for the keyboard to perform differently.

OK, so we make these changes and just see how the dialogs behave.