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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

Alex said:

> > When we are producing packages, we should thus compile with 4.x, get
> > faster code, and have a dependency on libstdc++ v6 which the distro
> tools
> > will sort out installing right.

Luke said:

> Which means effectively any distribution that is v5 based can't run
> executable, and I can't imagine that our target audience will
> necessarily have the latest version of any distribution and not be
> to build from source (barring in mind it's less than a year since gcc
> 3.4 became main-stream).

So if we do the following:-

- build with gcc4.x and statically link in everything except libstdc++6
(as we do already but we currently depend of libstdc++5 instead)
- Package the executable as an rpm and a deb, with a dependency on the
libstdc++6 package.
- Ask users to install the package using the distro tools that handle
dependency installs.

What will happen on a system that is based on libstdc++5? 

>From the above comments it seems that according to Alex it will be fine,
the distro tools will just find and install libstdc++6. 

But Luke implies that installing v6 would mean huge numbers of other
packages on the system having to be updated to use v6 instead of v5. An
update that is so big that in practice it rules out installing xaralx on
such v5 based systems.

Which assessment is correct?