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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

> I think that if you target older versions of OSX you do 
> indeed have to use older compilers and thus older versions of 
> libstdc++. Note that Universal binaries can be built so that 
> i386 code is compiled with gcc4, targeting OSX 10.4 and ppc 
> code is compiled using gcc3 for older versions of OSX. Neat. 
> wxWidgets does this and targets OSX 10.3 for it's PPC build.

Yes neat.

So that brings up the question, that if we use gcc3 for 10.3 (and
earlier?) compatibility, and thus link to libc v5, what happens if you
run this binary on 10.4 or later, that uses v6 of the library?

Will this just work because the v5 version of the library is there as

I guess the Mac doesn't have the Linux problem of this library simply
being missing?