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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: wxCamDraw painting errors in Align Dialog, was wxCamDrawControl creation error in align dialog & broken build

Hi, Alex,

Alex Bligh wrote:


Now the dialog appears without an error, but the rendered ellipses are
very tiny and are rendered in approximately 1/5th of the normal size in
the top left corner of the dialog.

This is /your/ dialog I take it. Difficult to debug without the code!

Nope - the Align dialog shows that way ! Look the attached image.

Do the DialogDraw demo, the align dialog, and the galleries work
on your copy? DialogDraw and the align dialog use GRenderRegion,
and the galleries use OSRenderRegion to draw the wxCamDrawControl.
With such extensive use I doubt it is /fundamentally/ broken. I
could well have broken something though I suppose.

Ok, I'll test DialogDraw and let you know, galleries seem to render ok.

> If I close the dialog, the program

crashes with a segmentation fault in the DialogManager::Close function here:

*if* (pDlgOp->pEvtHandler->wxAUImanaged)

with the application message: 'GDK_IS_WINDOW(window)' failed. The gcc
version I'm using is 3.4.4. If you want other information or a
screenshots - just tell me, I will send it to you. Gerry BTW is right -
I'm building it with x86_64 on AMD Athlon 64.

That normally indicates you have tried to double destroy the dialog.
When you say "if I close the dialog" what are you doing to close it?

If I close the Align Dialog hitting the close button - it crashed, but this seems to go away it the latest build.

Hitting the close button? The correct course of events should be
that the close button gets intercepted, and sends a DIM_CANCEL
(through dlgmgr), which in turn causes your dialog do do End().
This should cause the DialogOp do be deleted, and its destructor
calls DialogManager::Close and DialogManager::Delete. It sounds
to me as if that isn't happening.

Does the problem go away if you (temporarily) remove the wxCamArtControl
from the XRC, or is this an unrelated problem?


I think this is complete unrelated one.

GIF image