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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Focus handling and wxAUI


Luke Hart wrote:

I think that in order to implement the focus handling rules some changes will be needed to wxAUI. This is creating a frame window for an undocked wxPanel based dialog, which the code that manages focus transitions isn't notified about. This is actually only a problem when it is first created, there after focus goes to it's first control child which is below 1 of our wxPanels, so we get notifications.

Mmmmm.... well I need to do some substantial work on wxAUI to fix this
properly (in essence it should allow the user to use a subclass
wxFloatingPane) but the definition of wxFloatingPane doesn't even
live in the .h file at the moment.

I'd rather try and avoid that surgery if possible.

What precisely is it you need to know? I'm wondering if we can
do a workaround simply by looking at GetTopLevelWindow() and
noticing it's not the mainframe.

As an added complication, I can't seem to set focus from a gallery to the main app. I've tried calling set focus on the app. frame, the view frame and the render window, none of which work. I suspect that this maybe something to take-up on the wx mailing list.

When the app actually does have focus, what does GetFocus() return?
(i.e. if you print out its runtime class). I suspect it might be the