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[XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.

At last the Freehand tool now works properly - fantastic. This is now
becoming a usable program.
Er, except quite a few things broken in the latest builds. I hate
Bugzilla with a vengeance, so I'm just listing them here.
- Text no longer work. Select text tool and type. Nothing happens
- Space bar no longer works and Selector short-cut
- The program still crashes when you close documents. This crash has
existed since day one of LX. Is anyone down to fix it. Sort of makes it
not useful in the real world.
- Ah I've just realised the missing status bar (or rather non-working
one) is also a bit of a showstopper for the next stable release. No one
working on it as far as I know.
And lesser, but nevertheless infuriating issues
- Tool tips are appearing in all sorts of random places. e.g. when I'm
over the layer gallery, below this appear the 'layer gallery' tooltip
that stays there all the time while the mouse point is over the gallery.
(This tooltip it's not even needed and shouldn't exists even. The
gallery has a huge title bar telling you what it is), 
- And similarly if you mouse over, say, the arrow of the line width
combo box, a tooltip appear saying 'standard bar' and it remains there
on screen while you select and traverse the menu, sometimes appearing
over the drop-down menu, sometimes under.
Has anyone been messing with the tooltip area?
- Arg - the two layer tabbed Options dialog has become a weird scrolly
tabbed dialog. That is terrible, and actually not acceptable. Again I
can't believe this is the standard wx or GTK way - it's so inferior to
the standard multi-row tabbed dialogs of Windows (which themselves are
crap), that I can't believe people really think this is an acceptable
way of presenting large tabbed dialogs. How are you meant to see the
available options ? It's nuts.  Because our goal is to replicate the UI
as it, either we do just that (and remain compatible), or we take the
opportunity to do it properly so it's a better UI, in other words a new
Options dialog design.
(but it's great that it works and so much of it seem to work)
- I save a file, enter a filename and press return. Nothing happens. I
actually have to click the Save button. That's us isn't it, doing
something stupid. Please tell me that's us.
- In editable fields, such as the InfoBar, you can't triple click to
select the entire field. I thought this was another OS problem, but
actually I see I can triple click in fields such as the Save dialog
filename field, so that implies it's something we're doing, or not
doing, to enable this feature. (I think I had previously reported that
clicking in these fields should auto-select the entire field and I still
think this).
- The Zoom tool magnifier mouse cursor has changed. I'm sure it was
correct before. now it's missing the cross-hairs in the center of the
icon. That's a bit weird.
- Drag bitmap onto page background, hold Ctrl, to make this page
background, and the pointer remains in a strange mode with a 'no entry'
symbol attached.  Actually I've seen this when dragging things in