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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.

Mart said

> wxGTK suppresses GDK triple-click events, because wx doesn't 
> have a triple-click event. I find this quite... bad, but 
> alas. I'm not sure if it suppresses it on native controls as well.

Ah, that explain that. And yes this is bad because triple clicks are
common cross-platforms UI as far as I know.

Is there an easy way to make it so that the whole field is auto-selected
just by clicking in it (like IE and Firefox address bars). The point is
that 90% of the time, at least for our fields, the user will be
replacing the whole string, and so it saves a click (or double click or
triple click). This is quite an important usability issue.

Or can we do this, highlight the whole field when focus is transferred
to it?