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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.

--On 07 May 2006 15:32 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hmm I can't find the bugzilla report which is concerning as I know
> has been detailed more than once.  Oh well I just found a machine and
> tried. This is 100% repeatable and very easy to reproduce. Load the
> first example design, the corvette, then click the new document icon
> draw a rectangle. Close this document. Bang. Perhaps doesn't happen on
> debug builds, but does on retail binary.

OK should be simple enough to find, but it doesn't happen here on the
debug build, or on the retail build v.924 that I happen to have
lying around. How are you closing the document? File->Close?

[Gerry] I did some work on this problem about a month ago and I found
that the crashes happen when you have more than one document open and
you close the left most one (tab-wise).  This happens because of a bug
in wxGTK with view activation and I submitted a patch to wx that fixes
it.  There was also a small change I made to our code that ensures that
our concept of selected document and view gets cleared when the selected
view is deactivated but I left this commented out.  I've now put this
back in but there is another issue in the new focus handling code.  I
have fixed this one too and will check it in as soon as I've done an
up-to-date build...