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[XaraXtreme-dev] Colour line

Gerry et al,

Any objection if (when I've finished the status line) I turn the colour
line into something with a Kernel DialogOp representation (which is how I
have fixed up the status bar)? This would enable it to be opened and closed
from the bar menu, and also prevent some of the more peculiar things (like
it being vertically resizable).

Initially I plan to do it with minimal changes (e.g. keeping the Oil code
that creates the window etc.) though ultimately I'd like to see the Oil
code only painting the scrolly bit and the scroll-bar being a native one,
or it will look very funny on the Mac etc. However this will be a step in
that direction. It also means that in the future we can use standard dialog
and/or bar controls on it without the need to reinvent the wheel (currently
the only useful case is the colour-picker button, but I'm sure there may
be more).