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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Live dragging indicator

Alex Bligh wrote:

Can someone explain to me what is meant to be the UI for the live dragging


As far as I can tell (playing with Xtreme) it does not switch on or off
when the system drops from live dragging to outline dragging (try dragging
the cars around on "Probe X16.xar") - is it meant to?


So it's only purpose
seems to be that you can double-click it to turn live dragging on or off.

No, it indicates the state of the "should I try to solid drag whenever a drag starts" flag.

If that is the case, why on earth does it require a double-click, and why
isn't it a straightforward bitmap button, with a toggling effect?

The status line under Windows didn't allow for bitmap buttons (or at least it was easier to just use one of the standard indicator panes).

would have the advantages of the user knowing they can click it to do
something (it will look like any other button), and when it's switch off,
it will be readable (as opposed to a bizarre grey squiggle).

The two glyphs are "solid coloured shape with pointer over" and "hollow monochrome shape with pointer over". Pretty clear, apart from their small size. Feel free to create more meaningful glyphs for the two states if you can.

Given that doing a straightforward bitmap button is rather a lot less work,
I propose doing it that way, then (if we ever want to show live drag
is dynamically off due CPU load) then during the drag we grey it, and
ungrey it at the end. Any objections?

Fine, so long as it doesn't look too odd alongside the other "buttons" and indicators at that end of the status line.

BTW: What happened to the other bloke who was working on the status line?