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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Live dragging indicator


The two glyphs are "solid coloured shape with pointer over" and "hollow
monochrome shape with pointer over". Pretty clear, apart from their small
size. Feel free to create more meaningful glyphs for the two states if
you can.

Aaahh, I thought it was a greyed out version. I am quite sure I can
do no better as my skills in icon design are non-existent! It's just
most Camelot buttons display what they do (solid drag) /all/ the time,
and light up and press in when they activated (if you see what I mean),
like, for example, the aspect lock on the selector tool.

Given that doing a straightforward bitmap button is rather a lot less
I propose doing it that way, then (if we ever want to show live drag
is dynamically off due CPU load) then during the drag we grey it, and
ungrey it at the end. Any objections?

Fine, so long as it doesn't look too odd alongside the other "buttons"
and indicators at that end of the status line.

There is only one on Xtreme, which is the magnetic snap indicator, I
think. I don't think the "rendering" animation or the memory usage pane
are enabled at all (though I was going to make them enabled by use
of a preference rather than hard coded #ifdef stuff).

BTW: What happened to the other bloke who was working on the status line?

No idea, but we need a status line. Getting it to display text took me
a couple of hours whilst looking after my daughter so I don't think too
much of anyone's time has been wasted.