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[XaraXtreme-dev] File locations & autopackage

We're planning to use autopackage (www.autopackage.org) for distributing
the latest Xara LX from our web site, instead of providing numerous
different rpm and deb files required for the different distributions.

Autopackage optionally allows installation into any directory chosen by
the user, which is a nice option to have. To support this Xara LX needs
to be relocatable, so Luke is about to add some code provided by
autopackage that allows the location of the running executable to be
identified. Then we can find all examples, help, etc. relative to that
location. Luke - please make sure it's documented so that LX developers
know how to get hold of this location path.

By default autopackage will install all the main files under /usr, as

/usr/bin/xaralx				Main executable (note lower
/usr/share/xaralx/Examples		*.xar example designs
/usr/share/xaralx/doc/en/		English help files 
/usr/share/xaralx/doc/*			LICENSE, README, etc. 

Users can choose a different directory instead of /usr, but the
directory structure from there down will always be as above.

File, Open will open onto the ../share/xaralx/Examples initially, until
we have the clipart gallery.

Luke will also be adding a help menu option which will open a web
browser on to  "../share/xaralx/doc/<language>/xaralx.htm" using
::wxLaunchDefaultBrowser(). The help file checked in currently is just a

The build server is starting to build autopackages now so by Monday we
should have them appearing on the web site for the latest version of LX.