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[XaraXtreme-dev] Combo boxes

I have fixed all combo boxes on bars to use wxOwnerDrawnComboBox
as of revision 1028.

This gets rid of many of the combo box bugs we have seen. They also (in
my opinion) look better - being less high on the bar. They also do
not have the "add scrollbars at every opportunity" tendency that the
native ones seem to (though to be fair much of this would have been
fixed had we been able to move to wxWidgets 2.7 which uses GTK2.4-era
combo boxes rather than GTK1 era combo boxes).

If and when GTK2.4 system is backported to wxWidgets 2.6 (which I
think Mart may be working on), it will be very simple to switch the
combo boxes back - merely switching them in xrc will do the trick,
no code changes necessary (thankyou dialogmanager). However, they
do look slightly different, and it might be best to be consistent.

There is one cosmetic bug I know about - when they are disabled,
the text field stays white rather than grey. I don't know why.

In order to port them, I had to backport the wxOwnerDrawnCombo stuff
to 2.6. I haven't yet tried checking it doesn't interfere with 2.7
(it should use the 2.7 built-in owner drawn stuff if it's there
but this is untested). If anyone is building with a (recent)
wxWidgets 2.7, I would be interested to know how broken I made

This, by the way, should let me start on the font and colour drop-downs.

Charles - do they look better?