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[XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts

I am about to change the font system to no longer report "FreeType" 
fonts but rather report TrueType and Type1 fonts instead. This allows 
the font dropdown list to show the user which kind of font it is and, 
more importantly, allows the document save routines to save font 
information compatible with the Windows version. It has the added 
benefit that non-scalable fonts and virtual fonts introduced by 
fontconfig, e.g., "Monospaced", can be eliminated from the font list.

The problem is that this change will slow down font enumeration since 
each font has to be opened to find out about its type, so it might 
become necessary to cache the font list. The question is when and how 
frequently the cached information should be thrown away and recached 
in order not to miss fonts being installed at run-time. Does anyone 
have any ideas on this?