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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts

The current system detects when fonts are installed / uninstalled and
updates various document structures. So I presume it hangs on some
Windows events to tell us the font catalogue has changed. So that would
be the idea place to trigger the re-cache.  That's on Windows of course.
No idea whether Linux or Mac has any equivalent 'fonts changed'


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> Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts
> I am about to change the font system to no longer report "FreeType" 
> fonts but rather report TrueType and Type1 fonts instead. 
> This allows the font dropdown list to show the user which 
> kind of font it is and, more importantly, allows the document 
> save routines to save font information compatible with the 
> Windows version. It has the added benefit that non-scalable 
> fonts and virtual fonts introduced by fontconfig, e.g., 
> "Monospaced", can be eliminated from the font list.
> The problem is that this change will slow down font 
> enumeration since each font has to be opened to find out 
> about its type, so it might become necessary to cache the 
> font list. The question is when and how frequently the cached 
> information should be thrown away and recached in order not 
> to miss fonts being installed at run-time. Does anyone have 
> any ideas on this?
> Martin