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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts

Martin said
> The question is what is better: Permanently scanning the font 
> system to detect changes or simply providing a "Rescan" 
> button in the font gallery?

That's a really ugly solution.

Mac and Windows provide font change events so we know we can do it
properly on those platforms.

And yes Xara does provide its own font install and uninstall
capabilities (a loved and praised feature in a recent review) but, for
example, I can just drag n drop a dozen fonts into my font folder and
Xara should (and does on Windows) know about it, update its lists and
reformats the documents even if necessary.  So I'd hope that all this
can be ported as well. 

In fact for our commercial version where we provide hundreds of fonts on
the CD, so it's really necessary that we have one-click install from the
font gallery. Even our free versions include a dozen free fonts
(downloadable in the font gallery) and those can be single click
installed.  This is all important usability stuff.

So I'd hope there were some system wide font changed messages (so we do
not need any background tasks permanently doing anything). I can't
really see how the OS can not have this. How would other parts of the OS
(e.g. font managers) or applications know about font changes if there
was not some system like this.