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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Executing Default Web Browser?

> > Urm, rather easier (and doesn't involve reenabling MIME which slows
> > down up startup), try ::wxLaunchDefaultBrowser() !
> >
> Aha - with a name as convincing as that it must be problem solved!

I should have known better.

Here's the results of tests of LX using this wx call to launch a web
browser for the help.

Fedora Core 4: Doesn't work. "No default application configured for HTML

Ubuntu 10.1: Doesn't work, nothing happens at all.

SUSE 10: Doesn't work. "No default application configured for HTML

Gentoo: Worked only after Luke manually configured a default HTML

So unless we can assume that most users will have found out how to setup
a default HTML application, and will actually have done so, this
wxLaunchDefaultBrowser call is useless to us. Even with the patch that
was required to get it to work at all on local paths.

So any other suggestions of how we reliably show the user the HTML help
when they click a help button?

I'm back to the very crude solution of execing names we know might work
until we find one that does. "htmlview", "firefox", "mozilla",
"konqueror", etc.