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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Executing Default Web Browser?

Surely passing the HTML file pathname as the only command line parameter
will work for all browsers. Won't it?

Apparently not. Look at what the firefox launch script does. There's
about 8 pages of it.

How about instead using wxHTMLWindow etc. to launch help? IE be
our own browser? It's pretty basic, put probably better than nothing
which is I think what we'll otherwise have. If samples/html/test/test
works sufficiently well in deploying the help, that might be the way
to go. WDYT?

Well the current help is VERY complex. Huge amounts of javascript. So I
don't want to try and use anything but a proven web browser that's
widely used. What does the wx call use underneath?

It doesn't, it has its own minimal web browser which I'm sure doesn't
support javascript.