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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Executing Default Web Browser?

> Luke,
> > I think that is probably the case. FC has a similar utility
> > that hooks into the gnome prefered application system. It is
> > available on Gentoo and possible other distros. I think that it
would be
> > possible to link into this information ourselves, which would solve
> > problem on most modern distributions.
> So what are you suggesting, try "gnome-www-browser" and "htmlview"
> (in some order) and if neither are there fall back to
> wxLaunchDefaultWebBrowser?
> That would avoid the need for session manager detection.

Luke - on FC4 and Ubuntu an error alert is shown when you try and invoke
the help from LX. Is that error displayed by LX or by the call to
wxLaunchDefaultWebBrowser? If it's the latter then we can't use it as it
stands in the ordered list of things to try. It would need to fail