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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxWidgets patch list?

Alex Bligh wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:

If a developer hasn't been following the progress of patches on the mailing list (ahem!) or is coming to the project afresh how does he/she know what wxWidgets patches LX requires and where to get them from?

He doesn't (currently). Also given many developers won't be compiling
wxWidgets from source, there isn't really the opportunity to patch.

Further, the list of required local patches is constantly changing,
we find something we want patched, it goes on the list. They apply
it, it comes off the list.

That's why I think we should only be *relying* on local wxWidgets
patches in very limited circumstances. We should where possible
use workarounds. That was why I suggested to Gerry not patching
the build server etc. I am on principle not apply ANY wxWidgets
patches locally when I'm building and running Xara - I'm using
2.6 HEAD. And it works fine.

I don't think there are currently any patches on the build server
which are necessary that would not be fixed by having 2.6 HEAD
(as opposed to 2.6.3) there. I'm all for people sending patches
to fix up wxWidgets (and have done so myself a lot) but relying
on their local application is a complete pain for developers.
The wxXtra directory is the method of getting these put in, and
they will automatically drop out (if the appropriate versioning
is used) when the patch is taken into wxWidgets. We should be
doing this to make (every other) developer's life easier.


Those are sound principles.

One question: Should a developer (and the build server, which is a virtual developer) be using 2.6.3 stable release or 2.6 HEAD? Does wxXtra cope with either or does it assume that 2.6 HEAD is being used?