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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxWidgets patch list?

Phil Martin wrote:

One question: Should a developer (and the build server, which is a virtual developer) be using 2.6.3 stable release or 2.6 HEAD? Does wxXtra cope with either or does it assume that 2.6 HEAD is being used?

wxXtra copes with either, but there are limitations to what it can do.
So, for instance, I didn't put Luke's fix to put allow return to work
in GTK dialogs in wxXtra as it would have been tricky, the gain
was not much (a key shortcut) and more to the point I knew it was
the sort of patch which would hit 2.6 HEAD in a few days (it got
in late last night).

What I've tried to do is work around any serious loss of functionality
so 2.6.3 will work. For instance, there's a wxXtra bit in there
that makes the progress bar work (which would otherwise not work
at all) on 2.6.3.

My recommendation would be that we produce wxWidgets patches,
try and avoid applying them to the build server and generate
a local workaround if possible, note when the patch is applied,
and do an update there, keeping the build server running
a relatively recent copy of CVS 2.6 HEAD (that's the stable
branch not 2.7). I think that's probably a reasonable thing to

Part of the problem is the build server is being used for two things,
as a "virtual developer", but also to prepare release-quality binary
builds. Clearly if we want to do a (binary) release we should ideally
not have to wait for wxWidgets folks to get their house in order.
But in an open-source world, people should be able to (relatively
easily) build using standard software.

I have a different problem at the moment which is we don't build
with 2.7.0 :-) (That's partly a wxWidgets problem though).