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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts

> > On the other hand our near instant start-up is a huge plus for our 
> > product (and when we come to start using it as a Photo viewer - 
> > planned
> > - it will be a requirement)
> Different build?

Not really. It will be the same program that will probably have a 'photo
mode' and so

> If you want to use the same build, we could always have a 
> command line option to disable certain things. Plugins would 
> be an obvious thing to disable enumerating on a viewer as well.

..this is a better approach from my point of view. That we can start it
and disable, or at least delay the scan until later when it's required.

> I could paint the grey box myself 
> on top, automatically update version, SVN revision etc 
> (whatever you want), put in some sort of progress bar, etc. 
> etc. - I'd do this all in the Oil layer so we don't need 
> DialogManager etc. started.

Yes it would be useful to paint the real basics such as version number
etc and to be honest I'm not sure this requires being translatable, at
least not now.