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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Substituted fonts and Bug 1057


--On 22 May 2006 11:54 -0700 Carl Worth <cworth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For example, couldn't the hard-coded default font in the application
simply be "serif".

Well, "Sans" actually

Then, when saving the document, what would get put
into the file is whatever font the pattern "serif" actually got
resolved to on the designer's machine, (so that the document will
contain something consistent with what the designer actually saw).

Any reason why that wouldn't just work? Or is there some other
question I'm missing here?

The only thing you are missing is that there are two types of font
substitution, the one you propose, and the current font substitution.
Currently (and this is the right way to do it in 99% of cases) font
substitution is at render time so if you load a document with FooBarBaz
font in, it may appear in (say) Vera, but when saved out again it will
still be in FooBarBaz. What you (and I) are asking for is some form of
limited font substitution on load under certain circumstances.

Charles is arguing it shouldn't always do that (I agree), and it shouldn't
always do it on templates (for the same reason and I think I agree).
Example: if someone has deliberately designed a document in Arial, someone
else loads it (not having Arial) alters (say) a colour, and resaves it, it
shouldn't turn into (say) Sans, that might not be on the MSW machine with

I don't /think/ we can actually encode "Sans" (rather than "Serif") in the
file because it then won't load on Xtreme - a file format issue. But what
we can do (I hope) is specify something that will cause a font substitution
on Load.