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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] [patch] Have implemented a Linux port of GetMemoryStatus ("Function to find available RAM")


OK I committed this. A couple of notes:

1. Rather than relying on __WXMAC__ being the only other wx port,
   I explicitly tested for __WXGTK__. I take the point about assuming
   if this is set that it's Linux or something with /proc/memory as
   it fails gracefully. Perhaps someone with FreeBSD would like to
   provide an equivalent routine.

2. Your patch didn't apply using patch (don't know why) so I had
   to apply manually. "svn diff" from the root directory of the
   source produces names like "wxOil/memory.cpp" not "memory.cpp".
   I couldn't immediately see why it didn't apply. Perhaps it wasn't
   against a completely clean copy of the code.

3. Normally we avoid types "int" and "long" preferring the fixed
   length types INT32 and (for instance) INT64. Your use of them
   here is quite correct (as sscanf with a %lu will expect a pointer
   to a 'long' - i.e. a different length integer on a 32 and
   64 bit platform). However, there is a devious script called
   normalise.pl which goes through fixing up "long" (which people
   10 years ago seemed to use to mean "a 32 bit number" in the
   Camelot source) and changing it to INT32. To stop that happening
   and indicate to the reader you really did mean a "long", we put
   in "/*TYPENOTE: Correct*/" - a Camelot eccentricity...

Thanks for the patch!