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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] The make install target

Vasil Dimov wrote:
If not changed by the user ${PREFIX} defaults to /usr/X11R6.

Is that hardcoded, or is that just what make does on your system?
Normally the default prefix is /usr/local, with debian/ubuntu
people specifying /usr.

The reason I did not create a patch for the XaraLX's Makefile.am
is that the "by hand" method is simpler for me and furthermore I am
not sure if the above paths are standard for Linux and other OSes.

The disadvantage of this route is that it isn't going to pick up
system differences in paths (I think - I'm not sure how this works

There are 6 paths above - man, bin, applications (for the desktop file),
pixmaps (for the icon), examples and doc. It would be great if the
`make install' target installs these somewhere by default and these
defaults to be changeable via ./configure options.

What do you think? Ideas? Patches?

I think we need to ensure that we are putting files roughly where
the autopackage stuff would put files (or we will end up with
files in two places depending on whether built from source or not).
I don't know anything about autopackage & Neil is away for the
week so I am not quite sure where these go and under what rules.

Also, I think we need to be sure that the binreloc stuff finds
these files after installation (binreloc makes the install
paths work, so, for instance, the app finds clipart whereever
it is installed). I think Luke knows a bit about this.

But yes, I agree it needs fixing.