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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] The make install target


Alex Bligh schrieb:
> I think we need to ensure that we are putting files roughly where
> the autopackage stuff would put files 
One remark regarding the paths:

> ${PREFIX}/share/examples/XaraLX/Designs/
I really think it should be ${PREFIX}/share/XaraLX/examples.

> ${PREFIX}/man/man1/XaraLX.1.gz

On Linux since quite some while this is /usr/share/man/man*/ according
to the File Hierarchy Standard. Before it was /usr/man/man*/, which one
finds still on commercial unices. (Debian Woody packages put man pages
at /usr/share/man, but creates symbolic links from /usr/man/man*/package
to /usr/share/man/...; all other distributions don't have /usr/man anymore.)
For /usr/local, /usr/local/man was required, the new FHS 2.3 requires
that /usr/local/share/man/ exists as well (symlink).

> ${PREFIX}/share/applications/xaralx.desktop

I think it only works at /usr/share/applications/ and not at
/usr/local/*, but putting it outside of $PREFIX is also not the right
thing to do. (Maybe it works also at /usr/local.)

Side question: I wonder what happened to README.de and de/XaraLX.1? I
cannot find them in svn.
Well, in any case they should end up at