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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxOil compiling issues

Daniel Fort wrote:
Thanks again for the help,

Could you please send me the output of the following command:
   wx-config --utility=wxrc

Nothing--looks like you are right about the way Gentoo portage configured
wxGTK, it didn't install wxrc.

You might want to try rev 1216. Assuming wx-config fails
the way the Gentoo folks says it fails, this will work
fine without you having to alter any Makefiles.

The latest version went up to 1218 by the time I got around to trying it
out and it got much further, but eventually stopped with this error

Making all in po

I take it from the word "eventually" it got a lot further. I think
it just needs to link.

Can you try removing "po" from line 12 of the root Makefile.am, i.e.
 SUBDIRS = $(PRECOMPILE_DIR) wxXtra wxOil Kernel tools po
 SUBDIRS = $(PRECOMPILE_DIR) wxXtra wxOil Kernel tools

If that works, I'll make it drop po automatically with the broken
gentoo wxwidgets.

Thanks for your perseverance on this one.