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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Cairo Port

Luke Hart schrieb:

I've attached a couple of source files from a performance testing application I wrote to compare CDraw and Cairo (amongst other vector libraries). They should give you some idea about what calls to CDraw are (roughly) equivalent to which Cairo calls.

Thanks for that.

The calls I used to setup the bitmap surface are cairo_create and cairo_set_target_image.

Hmm. In my cairo version, cairo_create wants a cairo_surface_t as an argument. Also, cairo_set_target_image is depricated in my cairo version.

It looks like the current Cairo does not want the user to exchange the target surface of a cairo_t context.

Actually, I am a bit confused now about the rendering process. What are the following two functions exactly used for and how do they relate?


Thanks in advance,