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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XCode project

On 2 Jun 2006, at 09:51, Alex Bligh wrote:


I should have said that that's the current state of the xcode build on an
Intel Mac, not a PowerPC based Mac. So it doesn't relate directly to
problems you may be having.

However, we have built PowerPC versions in the past and they seemed to function OK with some rendering glitches concerning bitmap rendering. I was able to load and render many of the files in the Designs folder OK but at that time none of the tools really worked so rendering was as far
as the tests got.

Please go ahead and report your bugs.

I think the power PC versions Xara built were on PPC Mac weren't they?
Maybe I am misremembering.

Brian is on PPC linux, so one would have thought that all the tools
etc. would work. I would have thought it should be pretty easy to get
ppc linux to work, and it would be a good way of eliminating any
endian problems.

Yes. The PPC Mac version of libCDraw.a was built on the Mac under Mac OS X and the ppc libCDraw.a currently in svn was built on Linux (I assume). Different build routes but similar toolchains and therefore similar libraries would result, I assume.

I think that's why Brian was asking about ppc versions of libCDraw.a in the context of a post about the xcode build.

Yes, finding and fixing problems in the Linux/ppc combination will help to resolve byte-order issues with the Mac version.