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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation question "de" regarding German Xara X

--On 02 June 2006 11:11 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

We're trying to find and answer and to find whether we can use this
German translation (which was of Xara X, not Xtreme (although they
probably share 90%). Also this was Windows version and so the resources
will be in an entirely different format.  But if we can get it, we will.

If you /can/ get it, writing a script to convert them over would
be pretty easy. Windows resources are indexed by internal ID.
strings.lst is a map (albeit a reverse map) between resource and
internal ID. We could build a (mostly accurate) German strings.lst
(for temporary purposes) by running the resource converter on the
German windows resources, take the resultant strings.lst and revert
the changes. Then map together the two strings.lst file. I would
have to make the converter (e.g.) Umlaut-safe, but that would be no
bad thing.