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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation question "de" regarding German Xara X

Markus Nerding is from our German distributor of Xara products (Haage
Partners) and translated the commercial version of Xara X into German
some time back.  He's said he's willing to provide his translation of
the Xara X resources to the project and would like to help (which is
very generous of him and should be appreciated by all). He would like a
credit for this work, which of course is not a problem. I'm happy,
indeed keen, that all those that have contributed to the translation get
a credit for their work.

It's worth pointing out that he translated Xara X1, which was a
predecessor to the current Xara Xtreme and Xara LX, although it shares
probably 95% to 99% of the features and resources. The main issue is
probably going to be that he translated the Windows version and of
course were using an entirely new resource system for Xara LX. Alex, did
you have some automated conversion tool that would help get the German
Windows text resources into Xara LX?

Finally we will require the Contributor Agreement signing for this work,
so that both he and we can continue to use this German translation (this
protects us, and you and the entire project from things like future
arguments over copyright). We can't ship any work without having a
signed CA - but this is simple, has no down-sides. There are more
details here:

So Tobias (and Markus) if you could please sign the CA document and
return it to us (post or fax or whatever), then we can proceed and use
your and Markus' work in the official Xara LX versions going forward.

Once we have signed CA, I think Neil can open the Rosetta project for
you (or anyone else that wants to contribute to the German - or any
other language).

If you have questions or problems about using Rosetta or translation
system generally then please post them here to the dev mail list, and
they should get answered pretty quickly.


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> Hello,
> Charles Moir schrieb:
> > We're trying to find and answer and to find whether we can use this 
> > German translation (which was of Xara X, not Xtreme (although they 
> > probably share 90%). Also this was Windows version and so the 
> > resources will be in an entirely different format.  But if 
> we can get it, we will.
> >   
> Tell me, if you got them. Otherwise I will continue with my 
> translation.
> (Current version at
> http://www.physik.fu-berlin.de/~tburnus/tmp/Xara.de.po, ca. 
> 25% translated.) What happend to my German manpage and README?
> I also miss the strings of CCamApp::OnInit, i.e. '_T("Display 
> this help")' etc.
> Shouldn't they be also in the list? On the otherhand, 
> translating of a static const is probably not the easiest.
> Tobias