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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation question "de" regarding German Xara X


Charles Moir schrieb:
> Once we have signed CA, I think Neil can open the Rosetta project for
> you (or anyone else that wants to contribute to the German - or any
> other language).
> If you have questions or problems about using Rosetta or translation
> system generally then please post them here to the dev mail list, and
> they should get answered pretty quickly.
I actually prefer to use SVN (to get the current .po file)* and send
from time to time po file diffs rather than using rosetta.
[With SVN I mean both the template file* as well as the translated .po's]

Regarding https://launchpad.net/products/xaralx/+translations, I dislike
their interface, the .pot file is rather old (0.4, including some & ->
& problems, if I recall correctly). If needed, I'm willing to use
it, though.


* This is also available from http://www.xaraxtreme.org/downloads/XaraLX.po