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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: mplayer binary


I don't see running a multimedia binary on x86_64 as a particularly bad idea, as long as the operating system is correctly configured. I suppose a solution would be to allow specification of the path to the mplayer application during configuration or even pull the application name from the mime info.

The problem is not running a multimedia binary per say (as I
said, I have played the movie just fine here - and the penguin
is indeed a fortuitous opening image). The problem is
running a 32bit multimedia binary on a 64bit system as the 32bit
multimedia libraries are not likely to be installed; thus
while (e.g.) "file" will tell you that it's an executable binary,
it won't actually work.

I think most of my problems would be solved if we simply used the
mplayer on the path if is available, and fell back to a default one.
For anyone who is building from source or using a version inside
a distro, certainly that's the right thing to do.

Certainly autopackage should not be trying to go install 32bit Linux
binaries on non-32bit or non-Linux systems and neither should we
be trying to run them (in my view).

I have a suspicion running autopackage on a 64bit system is a
very bad idea anyway as it /looks/ like it will try and install
libc++5 32 bit libraries in a 64 bit library directory but I
haven't yet had the courage/foolhardiness to try.

On a subsidiary issue, if we are distributing mplayer presumably
we should include its license somewhere, mention where to get
the source code from, etc. etc.

> wxMediaControl [doesn't work]

Can we report the bug?