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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: mplayer binary

> On a subsidiary issue, if we are distributing mplayer 
> presumably we should include its license somewhere, mention 
> where to get the source code from, etc. etc.

Er, yes we have to get the license issue clean.

>  > wxMediaControl [doesn't work]
> Can we report the bug?

I'd MUCH prefer that we use wxMediaPlayer - it's the only right solution
to be honest, and one that should work cross - platform. 

Simply having the ability to rely on a cross-platform simple media
player and having at least a couple of codecs which we know will work on
all three platforms would be a very good things for everyone, especially
wxWidgets. (having a cross platform player without cross platform codecs
is a bit useless)

(And ffmeg h.264 and Ogg Vorbis looks great modern codecs. Luke you
demonstrated that these can better our existing WMV9 and WMA codecs).

This is the point of wxWidgets after all.