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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: mplayer binary

Would this not more likely just open their default player, and then barp
because it doesn't have the codecs we use?

At least mplayer will have the right codecs bound in.

My experience is that these movies (at least I think it was these
movies) is that do not play out of the box on various Linux and that's a
codec issue, not specifically a player issue.


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> Charles Moir wrote:
> > I'd MUCH prefer that we use wxMediaPlayer - it's the only right 
> > solution to be honest, and one that should work cross - platform.
> +1. But using mplayer (or for that matter just doing gnome-open
> on the file) sounds like a fair-enough temporary workaround 
> provided it's done in such a way that the system installed 
> movie player can work too. If we did this the same as the way 
> we are launching html help - i.e. by opening the URL 
> file://[] etc., it would then work on any movie player which 
> was there (like clicking on the file) - this would also work 
> cross-platform.
> Alex