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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: mplayer binary

Charles Moir wrote:
Would this not more likely just open their default player, and then barp
because it doesn't have the codecs we use?

I must admit a little to my surprise, it played just fine out the
box here. And I have /no/ proprietary codecs in at all (I think).
That was using my default mplayer. The shipped mplayer didn't work :-)

At least mplayer will have the right codecs bound in.

My experience is that these movies (at least I think it was these
movies) is that do not play out of the box on various Linux and that's a
codec issue, not specifically a player issue.

Quite possibly, though if you are happy with ogg, it's free, and
free in a manner such that even Debian are happy ( :-) ), and
is thus around by default on all modern distributions as far as I know.
I know wmv etc. won't play out the box. It would be interesting
to know if ogg does.

wxMediaControl does not itself contain CODECs - it relies on
system-installed codecs too as I understand it.

I'm fine with the "ship mplayer" route for autopackage (assuming
the license issue is fixed which I am sure it will be). But for
distributions we can rely on the distribution providing the
appropriate CODEC as a dependency (even if only 'recommended'
rather than 'required') I would have thought. Then you know
launching an .ogg file will do something.