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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Blank msgids in po file

At 17:36 09.06.2006, you wrote:
Markus Nerding wrote:

Unfortunately my tool (Passolo) does not like the first empty one. The "space" one is ok. So is it a fact that the empty one is ok by definition of the format? Then I will ask the Passolo developers to fix that.

Mmmm... it might be something in there which is upsetting Passolo.
It is xgettext that generates it, but there are all sorts of
options. Does Passolo support UTF-8?


Yes, Passolo supports UTF-8 and I am using the Unicode version to do the Xara LX translation.

In the end it is not a big problem, because I can easily put a "1" into the blank field. Then it works ok for Passolo.