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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] includes, XARLIB and camtypes.h


Well, I have tweaked camtypes.h so that it successfully builds XarLib
and also still builds XaraLX but it looks a bit ugly due to include
ordering issues (diffs attached).

What do you think?  Should we just live with it like this and remove
those headers I've added from being included elsewhere (e.g. ccfile.h
from camfiltr.h)?

I think you should attach the diffs :-)

I'd apply it. camtypes.h is ugly anyway, and we have substantially
tidied things up by not including camtypes from other h files, and
by your spaghetti chopping. It's never going to be the mona lisa,

Assuming you haven't actually caused any new headers to be added to
camtypes.pch (ccfile.h and camfiltr.h were included before, albeit
indirectly) then I have /already/ removed them from the source
(that's what I meant be removing even the indirectly applied ones).
So you won't find (e.g.) ccfile.h being included from any file
(.h or .cpp) except for .h files which are already in camtypes.h.