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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] mplayer binary


Currently the FreeBSD port has recorded that it needs this external
packages to build:
* pkg-config
* wxgtk26-unicode
* dpkg (because of the md5sum utility, btw FreeBSD's one is called md5)
* libxml2
* zip
* autoconf, aclocal, automake
* libtool (to provide the AC_LIBTOOL (or something like that) macro
  mentioned in configure.in. I do not think it is used for anything

zip is used to make resources.xrs (the zipped up resources) as wx wants
its resources in zipped form.

dpkg isn't used itself, and m5dsum isn't used any more (now
buildresources.pl uses Digest::MD5 which I take it is installed
as standard). It did, however, used to be used.

You are missing xgettext / autopoint, perl, make, g++, wxWidgets pango
(build & runtime), freetype (build and runtime), gtk 2.x (wxWidgets will
build with gtk talking direct to x11 which won't do for us, and it will
also build on gtk 1 which won't do) and possibly a few others (not the most
useful comment I know, but...).

Should I add mplayer as a run(?) dependency? (this will provide the
mplayer executable in PATH).

I'm no expert on .deb but I think they have a "recommended" category.
This will install it unless it can't be installed (for instance it's
unavailable, or conflicts which something else on the system). It would
be a shame I think to prevent installation just because mplayer can't
be run, so if FreeBSD has the equivalent dependency type, that might
be right. It should certainly ask for it in some form.