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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] mplayer binary

> > Should I add mplayer as a run(?) dependency? (this will provide the
> > mplayer executable in PATH).
> I'm no expert on .deb but I think they have a "recommended" category.
> This will install it unless it can't be installed (for instance it's
> unavailable, or conflicts which something else on the system). It
> be a shame I think to prevent installation just because mplayer can't
> be run, so if FreeBSD has the equivalent dependency type, that might
> be right. It should certainly ask for it in some form.

It's not worth adding this dependency yet. We decided to check in the
mplayer we have built so far, along with the sample movie, mainly so
that we can get feedback from people and because it makes it easy for us
and others to test it on many different systems.

It's quite possible that based on the feedback and testing we may decide
on a different solution instead. So it's best to wait a while until we
settle on a solution.

The goal is that we want as many Xara LX users as possible to have near
instant access to our movies, without having to install extra packages
or jump through hoops. The solution Luke has checked in today is our
best attempt so far. The movie menu option is just temporary, making it
easy to test the player launching and the movie.

Once we're happy with a player/codec solution, we'll be porting the
download mechanism that makes getting hold of the many additional movies
trivial too.