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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: mplayer binary

Alex said :
> .... though if you are happy with ogg, it's free, 
> and free in a manner such that even Debian are happy ( :-) ), 
> and is thus around by default on all modern distributions as 
> far as I know.

It's the ffmpeg codec we require, specifically the h.264 video codec
part, that I'm more concerned about. 

I'm sort of surprised that worked out of the box for your distribution
(Dapper is it?) or any distribution for that matter.

Is there a way we can ensure specific codecs are installed?  I sort of
assumed the normal package dependency mechanisms would not work just for
codecs, but perhaps that's wrong?

And when you say your default mplayer worked but he shipped one didn't,
do you mean the platform provided mplayer worked (is it standard?) and
the one we shipped did not?