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Concerning wxrc (was [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Success)

On 13/06/06, Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> * The 'wxrc' executable: In the same vein, I have a working wxrc,
> having build wxWidgets from the command line. I am unsure whether wxrc
> is build by our project file, or by following the instructions that we
> are proposing to go with that project file. It follows that a
> first-timer will need help here, either to create that executable or
> to in some way work around his or her's not having it.

It's built by wxWidgets. I don't know what installs it so it
can be used as I've never build wxWidgets on the Mac.

However, also note that if you don't pass the -i flag to buildresources
it won't attempt to build internationalized resources (which is
complex) and will not run wxrc OR xgettext. This should reduce
your dependencies.

Speaking personally, I have found that deferring international support
implementation leads to larger and longer problems in the long run -
it is one of the generally accepted exceptions to the YAGNI principle:
See http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?YouArentGonnaNeedIt , but be aware that
this is a multi-facted topic.

However, the present objective is to get something simple, working;
and if turning off internationalisation helps, then I will do this;
but I would recommend that once we have more experience we throw away
this work and replace it with something done correctly from the ground
up. Not doing internationalisation does not conflict with the
functional specification of getting something up and running which
will work on the developer's machine so I not claiming that this is
cut and dried.

>> The wxrc executable is just that - an executable. You can pass a path
>> to it on the command line for buildresources.pl
> I will note that, but if that is the last word on the subject, then we
> have created a new obstacle - identifying and possibly pasting in that
> path ...

I don't know how XCode projects work, but I would have thought whatever
launches the script could pass something to it as a variable or

That is by-and-large correct.

How (after all) do you pass in for instance the location
of buildresources.pl itself?

With a 'Run Script Build Phase' which is a six line shell script, the
last line of which is:

Scripts/build-resources.pl --topdir=$SOURCE_ROOT --version="9999"

Or of the wx headers?

There are five field in the "Target Info" window for 'Search paths',
the first of thes is the 'Header Search Paths' which contains a copy
of the arguments that go after -I switches for gcc, for example:

$(SRCROOT) $(SRCROOT)/Kernel $(SRCROOT)/wxOil $(SRCROOT)/PreComp
$(SRCROOT)/wxXtra $(SRCROOT)/tools $(SRCROOT)/GDraw
../wxWidgets-2.6.3/include ../wxWidgets-2.6.3/src/jpeg/