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Re: Concerning wxrc (was [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Success)


However, the present objective is to get something simple, working;
and if turning off internationalisation helps, then I will do this;
but I would recommend that once we have more experience we throw away
this work and replace it with something done correctly from the ground
up. Not doing internationalisation does not conflict with the
functional specification of getting something up and running which
will work on the developer's machine so I not claiming that this is
cut and dried.

All you should need to do is pass an extra flag or two to

How (after all) do you pass in for instance the location
of buildresources.pl itself?

With a 'Run Script Build Phase' which is a six line shell script, the
last line of which is:

Scripts/build-resources.pl --topdir=$SOURCE_ROOT --version="9999"

You don't need --checksum (md5sum is not used)
You don't need --xgettext="skip" (unless -i is passed it isn't used)
You don't need --version="9999" (unless -n is passed for versioning)
You don't (right now) need --wxrc until you have -i for international

Can we not assume wxrc etc are on the path, or do (e.g.)
then set that up the same way you set up $SOURCE_ROOT