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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation question "de" regarding German Xara X

Hi Skadge,

> The Rosetta interface is still available here :
> https://launchpad.net/products/xaralx/0.4/+pots/xaralx/
> I'm not sure to understand what you're waiting for to re-enable the
> translation interface... I fear it will be difficult to get the CA
> signed by all the people involved in the different translations...
> Have you some plans ?

We investigated the possibility of letting the translations progress
without having the translators sign the CA, but in the end we have been
unable to avoid it.

So I'm now talking to the Rosetta administrator (Jordi Mallach) about
setting up a procedure that will mean that translators have to sign the
Xara CA before they get access to the Xara LX project in Rosetta. This
will be done by setting up a new group in Rosetta. Only translators who
are members of the group will be able to access the Xara LX
translations. And they will need to sign the CA to be added to the

I've also asked for a list of those people who already contributed to a
Xara LX translation in Rosetta. I'll contact those people when I get the
list, asking them to sign the agreement. If all goes well, we can then
re-enable the project in Rosetta. 

I'm sorry for the delay - I know you and many other translators are keen
to continue and we're very grateful for your interest.